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  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, New Mexico State University

Anne D’Mura

Marketing Specialist

Anne has 10 years’ experience in marketing and coordination, with a background in real estate, office administration, and document production. She brings diverse experience and interests to her role, from her educational background in science to a lifelong interest in art, design, and other creative work. Anne is skilled at finding efficient methods to complete projects using a detail-oriented approach and excellent technical abilities. She supports the MAKERS team in our marketing efforts, staying abreast of incoming opportunities, designing proposals, and contributing to our social media channels. Prior to her role at MAKERS, Anne worked as a client services coordinator at CBRE, Inc., supporting a highly active team of commercial real estate brokers across four states.

Anne’s professional interests include graphic design, process organization, research, and content management.

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, New Mexico State University

Get To Know Anne

What’s your favorite book or podcast? I first read “The Hitchhiker’s’ Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams as a teenager and it has had an ongoing influence on my view of the world, other people, and the often-absurd experience of being a human being. Along with his singular brand of humor, I am inspired by Adams’ curiosity and appreciation for life, the universe, and everything.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? I would love to have a superpower that would allow me to instantly understand and speak any language in the world.

Cats or dogs? I am a cat person through-and-through, I love the way they can go from elegant and dignified to awkward and hilarious in a single moment. They are naturally independent, making it so special when they choose to spend their time with you.