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Wenatchee Sign Code

Project Information

Location: Wenatchee, WA 


Services Provided

  • In-person and remote community engagement  
  • Sign policy development and legal research 
  • Graphic support 

We teamed with legal firm Ogden Murphy Wallace to craft a complete update to Wenatchee’s outdated sign code. There was considerable interest in the code because of the region’s increased tourism and impact of signs on views of the natural and built environment. To help shape the code, we facilitated a downtown sign walking tour, a citywide sign driving tour, two stakeholder group meetings, two public open houses, an online survey with 498 responses, and two Planning Commission meetings. Key elements of the code include a new, logical organization, extensive use of clear graphics, phasing out billboards and most pole signs, prohibiting digital video signs, adding detailed design standards for most sign types, and emphasizing content neutral standards.


  • Facilitated online survey in both English and Spanish that inspired nearly 500 responses and two open houses
  • Developed a user-friendly, graphic-oriented sign code
  • Delivered a flexible code that can be updated when conditions change

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