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Spokane South University Subarea Plan

Project Information

Location: Spokane, WA


Services Provided

  • Online and in-person community engagement
  • Form-based block-frontage standards
  • Development code revisions

Our team engaged local business owners, residents, university and hospital administrators, and the development community to revise the development code to facilitate new development in targeted areas and retain the eclectic mix of existing businesses in Spokane’s South University District. Form-based design provisions implemented through the city’s Complete Street designations will ensure a pedestrian-oriented built environment along key streets. Recommendations for coordination with nearby institutions, improvements to bike routes and transit service, and flexible design guidance will help leverage new investment to achieve the community’s goals.


  • Leverage public infrastructure investments with new code to target private investment
  • Two community workshops, an online survey, and interviews with key stakeholders
  • Revised outdated parking standards
  • Synthesized and built upon two decades of community planning efforts