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Seattle Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Systemwide Assessment 

Project Information

Location: Seattle, WA


Services Provided

  • Electric vehicle infrastructure planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic facilities planning
  • Implementation phasing and funding strategies

We developed an electric vehicle infrastructure plan for the City of Seattle that integrated power supply and fleet management strategies and reduced operations expenses. The plan included the locations of existing fleet vehicles and fueling and charging facilities, a multi-year phased implementation strategy aligned with Seattle’s electric vehicle acquisition cycle, and costs for citywide charging infrastructure to accommodate a 100% electrified fleet.


  • Responds to customer use patterns, with chargers where each fleet vehicle parks and fast charging infrastructure placed strategically throughout the city
  • Strategizes investments that support electric fleet use and build capacity for emergency response vehicles
  • Reduces overall fleet costs, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Allocates adequate and timely resources that support Seattle’s commitment to carbon neutrality