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Naval Base San Diego Training Study

Project Information

Location: San Diego, CA


Services Provided

  • Shore infrastructure plan (SIP)
  • Basic facility requirements (BFR) 
  • Asset evaluations (AE)
  • DD1391 

We produced a comprehensive training command requirements and gap analysis (CTCRGA) for Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) covering 20 commands across 700,000 square feet. Faced with shifting mission requirements from tenants, the NBSD Public Works Department contracted us to develop updated facility requirements, document existing conditions, and produce a gap analysis with courses of action (COAs) and a capital improvement plan (CIP). The scope of the CTCRGA covers the wide range of training functions present at NBSD, including traditional classrooms, applied instruction labs, operational trainers, and outdoor mockups. Tenants included in the study are responsible for training enlisted sailors and officers as firefighters, antiterrorism officers, shipboard engineers, IT technicians, and barbers, among many other roles.