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Gap Analysis and Industrial Utilization Study

Project Information

Location: Silverdale, WA; Kings Bay, GA


Services Provided

  • Waterfront planning
  • Workshop/charrette facilitation
  • Space utilization study
  • Basic facility requirements (BFR)
  • Shore infrastructure plan (SIP)

Trident Refit Facilities (TRF) Kings Bay, GA and Bangor, WA need to integrate new and expanded maintenance operations and industrial processes in preparation for Columbia Class submarines. With our industrial engineer subconsultant, we conducted a complex planning and engineering analysis that documents future space and industrial process requirements, identifies shore infrastructure gaps, and establishes facility solutions that provide uninterrupted execution of the SSBN refit mission. We worked collaboratively with the Columbia Class Program Office (PMS 397) and the TRFs to define future maintenance processes and develop courses of actions (COAs) for required facilities. COAs considered optimal shop collocations, controlled industrial area security restrictions, remaining service life of existing facilities, and explosive safety quantity distance (ESQD) requirements.