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Everett Public Works Site Selection Study

Project Information

Location: Everett, WA


Services Provided

  • Site selection
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Needs assessment and programming
  • Alternatives evaluation
  • Implementation phasing and funding strategies

We led an effective process to identify the best available sites for Everett’s public works operations to meet City goals for efficiency, resiliency, cost-effectiveness, neighborhood revitalization, and public benefit. Though the City had grappled with this site selection challenge for over 20 years, leadership confidence in plan recommendations was so strong the City proceeded with implementation before the final report was issued.


  • Provided definitive resolutions to multiple facility location challenges
  • Identified related investments in vehicle maintenance facilities that will save the City $10+ million in the first 20 years of operations
  • Flexible recommendations include a backup option that can be pursued if conditions change