To provide for the civic, commercial, and recreational needs of its rapidly growing population and to create a diverse, mixed-use community, the City of Sammamish initiated an ambitious effort to create a Town Center on 200 acres of undeveloped and lightly developed land that includes several wetland areas.

MAKERS led a team of consultants in the preparation of a plan that set the direction and identifies implementation steps needed to create the Town Center. This plan coordinated with several projects already in development, including a new city hall, police station, recreation center, and 20-acre park.  After the plan was adopted (June, 2008), MAKERS helped the City craft a new zoning code and design standards to implement the plan (adopted October, 2010).


City of Sammamish, WA

MAKERS Services

Community Planning, Subarea Planning, Zoning Code Development, Design Standards Development, Land Use, Urban Design


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