Renton’s City Center has been designated a Regional Growth Center and is, therefore, expected to experience considerable growth and change in the next 20 years. MAKERS was hired to assist the City in developing a Community Plan intended to help shape and direct that growth in a way that reflects the vision and desires of the people who live, work, and play in City Center.

MAKERS engaged residents, business owners, and property owners in a series of meetings to understand their needs and desires for the City Center. MAKERS then developed a series of proposals related to transportation, neighborhoods, economic development, and parks and open space. Based on the results of public comments and feedback from City staff, MAKERS drafted a Community Framework Plan for City Center that was adopted in 2010.

During the second phase of this project, MAKERS worked closely with an inter-departmental team to develop strategies to implement the Framework Plan. The resulting product, The City Center Community Plan, clearly lays out a vision, goals, policies, and implementation strategies for the City Center.



City of Renton, WA

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Community Planning, Community Outreach, Public Participation, Design Services


Governor’s Smart Growth, 2012

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