Building on their earlier vision plan for downtown Marysville, MAKERS, with SvR and Transpo, prepared a downtown infrastructure master plan, SEIS, and planned action ordinance. The work included:

  • A street design concept that integrates multi-modal transportation, environmental, and redevelopment objectives.
  • Design standards for individual streets that will enhance the downtown’s walkability and visual identity.
  • Innovative storm water management recommendations that incorporate low impact development techniques and encourage property owners to use new infiltration facilities in the street ROW to handle run-off from private properties.
  • A strategy for implementing an ambitious by-pass system to reduce impacts of through traffic
  • An evaluation of alternative city hall sites and a strategy to develop a new civic complex.
  • Recommendations and design details for Ebey’s Slough waterfront, including trail, marina basin restoration, vegetation restoration and signage.
  • Design guidelines to supplement the City’s zoning ordinance (updated as a result of the vision plan) and guide new development.
  • SEIS, which acted as a check on the capability of the existing and planned infrastructure’s ability to handle foreseen growth.


City of Marysville, WA

MAKERS Services

Downtown Infrastructure Planning, Design Standards & Design Guidelines.

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