MAKERS is leading a consultant team assisting the City in updating downtown zoning and design provisions to implement the Downtown Subarea Plan and make the area more Viable, Livable, and Memorable. In the project’s first phase, MAKERS conducted an audit of the current codes and guidelines. The team examined building height and form, the amenity incentive system, various design guideline issues, the 6th Street Pedestrian Corridor, and other open spaces/ through block connections. The audit summarized how the code and guidelines have been implemented, including components that are working well, areas for improvement, and special opportunities. MAKERS also prepared an “Urban Design Framework” document which provides a visual summary of current urban design conditions and key policy direction from the Downtown Subarea Plan.

In the second phase of the project, MAKERS’ team is assisting staff in crafting height, amenity system, building form, block frontage, and design alternatives plus the set of criteria upon which to evaluate the various options to be reviewed with the Downtown Livability Committee. We are also in the process of preparing an initial draft of the design guidelines, which integrate streetscape design, block frontage design, site design, and building design provisions.


City of Bellevue, WA

MAKERS Services

Zoning and Land Use Services, Design Guidelines, Corridor Development & Envisioning, Framework, Design Alternatives, Streetscape design.

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