Rishabh UkilAssociate 1 - Facilities Planner/Landscape Designer

    Rishabh graduated with a degree in architecture from India and jumped straight into working for a variety of firms, building his experience in  projects ranging from architecture, landscape architecture, campus planning, and project coordination, principally in the urban residential housing, hospitality, institutional, and commercial sectors. His inclination towards large-scale systems thinking brought him to Seattle to pursue a degree in landscape architecture, where he has expanded his knowledge through multiple planning projects with a stress on community engagement. His interest in understanding the complexities of an urban problem have led him to frequently jump between urban scales at his work utilizing his versatile background in order to meaningfully contribute towards the success of a project.

    In his free time, Rishabh can be found traveling, whether it is for his love of nature or just strolling around the city. An avid biking, swimming, and photography enthusiast, spending time with friends, cooking, and watching soccer over weekends rates high on his list of priorities.