Plans & Documents

Want some examples of our work?

MAKERS has been involved in the creation of numerous plans for various federal, state, and local agencies. Check out the following links to view and download some of these plans:

Sammamish Town Center Plan

City of Sammamish
June 2008

To provide for the civic, commercial, and recreational needs of its rapidly growing population and to create a diverse, mixed-use community, the City of Sammamish initiated an ambitious effort to create a Town Center on 200 acres of undeveloped and lightly developed land that includes several wetland areas. MAKERS led a team of consultants in the preparation of a plan that set the direction and identifies implementation steps needed to create the Town Center. This plan coordinated with several projects already in development, including a new city hall, police station, recreation center, and 20-acre park.

Part I (PDF, 2.5 MB) | Part II (PDF, 1.8 MB) | Part III (PDF, 2.1 MB) | Part IV (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Sammamish Town Center Code

City of Sammamish
October 2010

After the Sammamish Town Center Plan was adopted (see plan above), MAKERS helped the City of Sammamish craft a new zoning code and design standards to implement the plan.

Town Center Code
Scroll to Title 21B for the Town Center Code.

Chelan Downtown Plan and Code

City of Chelan
October 2010

Chelan’s Downtown Master Plan builds on local efforts by the City and volunteers over the past several years. MAKERS’ emphasis with this plan was to augment those efforts and integrate them into an effective revitalization strategy. The plan’s strategy consisted of protecting and enhancing Chelan’s existing strengths, connecting assets such as parks, trails and amenities for greater impact, addressing key issues such as parking and traffic movement that constrain economic opportunities and reinforcing Chelan’s identity as a recreational destination and a great place to live. As a major implementation tool, MAKERS crafted form-based regulations that reinforce historical development patterns and encourage compatible housing and mixed-use infill development in the areas surrounding the historic core. The regulations address development frontages, building character and scale, signage, street design, and site elements.

Chelan Downtown Master Plan (PDF, 11.0 MB)
Chelan Downtown Code (PDF, 5.8 MB)

Clark County Code

Clark County
May 2010

MAKERS was hired to craft form-based codes to implement goals and policies of the recently adopted Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan. While there are a substantial number of form-based codes that have been completed on the west coast, most have been limited to small areas surrounded by a grid of streets and exhibit historical (pre-World War II) development patterns. The early suburban and automobile oriented development within the Highway 99 Sub-Area warrants a “hybrid” form-based approach that is tailored specifically to the sub-area’s unique conditions and goals.

Table of Contents (PDF, <1 MB) | Part I (PDF, <1 MB) | Part II (PDF, 2.5. MB) | Part III (PDF, 2.6 MB) | Part IV (PDF, 1.3 MB) | Part V (PDF, 2.2 MB) | Part VI (PDF, 1.8 MB) | Part VII (PDF, 2 MB) | Part VIII (PDF, 3.2 MB) | Part IX (PDF, <1 MB) | Part X (PDF, <1 MB)