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From form-based codes to walkable neighborhood districts, our planners create useful presentations and articles related to their areas of specialty. Check out the following links to view and download these tools:

Community Design Process

John Owen, November 2013
PDF (8.5 MB)

WPPA Port Director’s Seminar – Types of Plans

Julie Bassuk, July 2012
PDF (5.2 MB)

Providing for Usable Open Space for Multifamily Developments

Bob Bengford, January 2012
PDF (1.1 MB)

Creating Walkable Neighborhood Districts

John Owen, Gregory Easton, October 2009
PDF (1.4 MB)    PowerPoint/PDF (3.5 MB)

A Hybrid Approach to Form-Based Codes in the Northwest

Bob Bengford, January 2010
PDF (1 MB)

Protecting Existing Neighborhoods from the Impacts of a New Development

John Owen, Rachel Miller, January 2011
PDF (1 MB)

Seattle Urban Design Element DRAFT

MAKERS Staff, Valerie Kinast, Daniel Williams, Don Vehige, May 2011
PDF (7.2 MB)

“Collaboration” – Letter published in Planning Magazine

John Owen, July 2011
PDF (0.5 MB)

New Directions in Planning

John Owen, December 2011
High-Res PDF (12.5 MB)    Low-Res PDF (1.8 MB)