Waxhaw is a small historic town on the North-South Carolina border in a growing part of the Charlotte, NC metro area. Teaming with Studio Cascade, MAKERS helped to finalize the Town’s Comprehensive Plan that included a consolidated community vision, strategic action plan, and a new Future Land Use Map (adopted in 2016) as a part of the effort in completely updating the Town’s unified development code. The new code (now under review by the Town) replaces a an unpopular form-based downtown code and an ambiguous town-wide code that places too much emphasis on conditional zoning districts. The new code includes a combination of legacy residential districts, more flexible “mixed” residential districts, and new mixed-use and industrial districts with simplified use and density/dimensional charts.

What began as a UDO update transformed into something more, providing the community an integrated and actionable set of policies and programs to guide budgeting, development, and investment decisions for years to come.


Waxhaw, NC

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