MAKERS led a multidisciplinary team that worked with the City of Poulsbo and the Steering Committee to prepare a master plan for the City’s 13-acre site along Dogfish Creek estuary acquired in 2002. The City’s and community’s goal is to turn the site into a passive, natural park (with interpretive trails and rich native plant and animal habitat) that also emphasizes ecological restoration. The project included:

  • Stakeholder outreach to define goals and objectives.
  • An ecological restoration plan that provides greater shoreline complexity to the aquatic system through estuary shoreline and stream corridor enhancements.
  • A trail and access plan that allows for public access while minimizing ecological impacts along the estuary.
  • A phased implementation plan with order of magnitude cost estimates for each phase.
  • Successful grant fund applications

Much of the work is being accomplished by volunteer efforts.


City of Poulsbo, WA

MAKERS Services

Design Services, Stakeholder Outreach, Trail Access Planning, Cost Estimates

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