Head Quarters Marine Corps’ Infrastructure Reset (IR) program has set a goal to reduce facility footprint across the Marine Corps by 31 million square feet. MCAGCC Twentynine Palms’ portion of this reduction is 701,000 square feet. MAKERS is working closely with stakeholders and decision makers at Twentynine Palms to achieve this goal. One of the strategies being analyzed includes consolidation of multiple units into currently underutilized battalion headquarters buildings, creating opportunities for significant footprint reduction and/or MILCON avoidance. As part of this analysis MAKERS refined the facility requirements, assessed the existing facilities, conducted a “fit test” to determine what level of occupancy was possible, and developed a proof of concept to illustrate the feasibility. MAKERS will also provide content and cost estimates for the ensuing DD1391.

MAKERS also prepared standardized Basic Facility Requirements (BFRs) for six Operational Forces (OPFOR). These BFRs will be used for similar units throughout the Marine Corps, leading to greater consistency and improved facility management.


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Strategic Analysis, Cost Estimating, Proof of Concept Rendering, Standardized BFR Development

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