MAKERS supported the DoD’s Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) efforts by completing asset audit prep for over 600 Priority 3A assets at Twentynine Palms and Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport. Each facility was physically inventoried to validate utilization and size. Placed in service data (PISD) memos, Control Point 3, Control Point 4, Physical Inventory Checklists, Life Cycle Accounting Checklists, Real Property Audit Inventory Checklists, red-lined property record cards (PRCs), and floor plans were prepared for each facility. Archived site drawings and historical aerial imagery were analyzed to establish the PISD for most facilities since DD1354’s were usually unavailable. MAKERS made all corrections in iNFADS and uploaded all supporting documents.


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Facility Planning, FIAR Audit Prep