MAKERS crafted new form-oriented zoning and design standards based on their extensive work with Lacey staff and an advisory committee. With several thousand residential lots in the “pipeline” and a number of recent controversial small lot single family developments, the City was eager to resolve some design problems with the current code, but do so while avoiding litigation from builders on vesting issues. Our “hands-on” approach with the advisory committee and the development community emphasizing design options, incentives, and visualization was critical in developing consensus with all participants. Key issues provisions in the adopted zoning and standards include:

  • Emphasis on tool box approach where applicants have a number of ways to meet standards.
  • Illustration of good and bad design examples.
  • Providing usable open space for small lot single family development (allow zero-lot line for windowless walls up to two stories, 5-foot setbacks for walls with limited windows, and 15-foot setbacks for buildings with units facing side yard).
  • Pedestrian-oriented design (highlight entry, deemphasize garage and driveways).
  • Integration of design details.

After the adoption, MAKERS’ Bob Bengford and the City’s Project Manager, Dave Burns, conducted a conference session on the project at Portland’s International Making Cities Livable Conference.


City of Lacey, Washington

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