Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit (EODTEU) provides realistic, relevant, and rigorous training for EOD platoons stationed in San Diego, CA. Training is located at NAWS Station China Lake because the remote, high desert setting provides an austere environment that mimics the conditions encountered by platoons during deployments and allows TEU to implement the majority of their training curriculum.

EODTEU operations at China Lake have grown organically since the early 2000’s in a combination of existing and new facilities. As the mission has grown, facilities have not kept pace. In addition, the lack of a long range plan has resulted in disjointed and uncoordinated development. Building off the facilities and operations that already exist, MAKERS is developing a Course of Action (COA) for each of EOD’s three primary operating areas as well as DD1391s for the top three priority projects. MAKERS completed Asset Evaluations (AEs) for nearly 100 facilities, including 22 facilities that did not exist in iNFADS and required brand new Property Record Cards.

COA development for the Forward Operating Base (FOB) was particularly challenging since the site is completely self-contained in a remote corner of China Lake’s North Range. All utilities are contained onsite, power is provided through a combination of PV and diesel generators, and water and fuel get trucked in from the Main Site, approximately 1.5 hours to the south. Leading a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, and planners, MAKERS prepared an infrastructure plan for the FOB that increases resiliency and can be implemented in conjunction with other facility improvements.



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