Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is scattered across six sites in the San Diego metro area, making it a challenge for individual mobile units and platoons to fulfill daily mission objectives. In addition, EOD is experiencing space shortfalls of 380,000 SF (50%), which further limits their ability to adequately prepare for deployments.

MAKERS identified and evaluated options for consolidating EOD within the metro area. Consolidation to a single site is not possible due to the magnitude of space requirements. As a result, the team worked closely with EOD to identify uses and functions that required collocation at Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Coronado and those that could be geographically separated Naval Base Point Loma. Products included Asset Evaluations (AEs) for 40 facilities, one DD1391 for EOD’s priority project, and a phased development plan to meet EOD’s entire facility requirement.



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