MAKERS led the award-winning effort to transform Ellensburg’s land use code. The code update, adopted November 2013, was undertaken simultaneously with the development of an energy efficiency strategy.  The new land development code integrates procedures, zoning, subdivision design, project design standards, and environmental provisions into a user friendly and heavily illustrated code.

The new subdivision code and design standards together with new residential district zoning provisions are perhaps the most ambitious components of the new code. The code offers generous density bonuses in exchange for energy efficient construction, trails, affordable housing, and other amenities. MAKERS also collaborated with public works staff and the Non-Motorized Transportation Committee to create new block size and connectivity standards and pedestrian friendly street design standards that will significantly improve the design of new development.


City of Ellensburg, Washington

MAKERS Services

Urban Design, Land Development Code, Design Standards, Residential District Zoning Provisions.


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