MAKERS began development of a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (NOFS) and Army National Guard Camp Navajo (Camp Navajo). Sponsored by Coconino County, the project is funded by the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) and addresses civilian-military compatibility in the surrounding Flagstaff region.

MAKERS’ brought together and engaged a diverse set of stakeholders, including local jurisdictions, tribes, and interest groups around the common goal of compatibility. The JLUS addresses issues important to Camp Navajo, NOFS, and the region, including:

  • Dark Skies
  • Environmental Health
  • Land Use and Development
  • Coordination

MAKERS is currently in the last phase of this JLUS and has released a draft report on the project website. After the comment period concludes, the report will be finalized and approved by the Policy and Technical Committees with a targeted completion early 2019.


Coconino County, AZ

Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station

Army National Guard Camp Navajo

Office of Economic Adjustment

MAKERS Services

Strategic Planning, Federal Agency Planning, Community Planning, Community Outreach, GIS Analysis

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