MAKERS was hired to craft form-based codes to implement goals and policies of the recently adopted Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan. While there are a substantial number of form-based codes that have been completed on the west coast, most have been limited to small areas surrounded by a grid of streets and exhibit historical (pre-World War II) development patterns. The early suburban and automobile oriented development within the Highway 99 Sub-Area warrants a “hybrid” form-based approach that is tailored specifically to the sub-area’s unique conditions and goals.

The planning concept emphasizes a series of pedestrian-oriented Activity Centers and more flexible Transitional Areas along the 3+ mile corridor.  Critical elements of this project are the codes for side and rear yard treatments and internal pedestrian and vehicular access – which directly address the area’s diversity of lot sizes and poor internal circulation.

The code was adopted in May, 2010 and has since seen an increase in the quality of development in response to the code (including a new grocery store).


Clark County, Washington

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Urban Design, Design Standard Development, Form-Based Code, Design


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