MAKERS led a consultant team (with Studio Cascade and Leland Consulting) in a two-phased project in updating Bozeman, Montana’s unified development code. As one of the nations’ fastest growing micropolitan areas in the nation, Bozeman is facing significant growth challenges and housing cost increases. The new code integrates greater opportunities for infill development within downtown and existing neighborhoods while including measures to promote design compatibility.

The first phase of the project focused on the City’s underutilized North 7th Avenue (Midtown) corridor. Via multiple staff and stakeholder meetings and public workshops, the team crafted development scenarios, updated plan concepts and implementation strategies, and crafted two new zoning districts together with form-based block frontage standards (adopted in April 2016). These elements will help the corridor evolve from its early to mid-century auto strip character into a thriving mixed-use corridor and district that functions as a major gateway into downtown.

The second phase of the project focused on updating the Unified Development Code (adopted in January 2018). Key elements include a complete code reorganization, updating and simplifying permitted use lists and zoning dimensional standards, new citywide commercial and multifamily design standards with form-based block frontage provisions, and large site subdivision design standards.


City of Bozeman, MT

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