MAKERS collaborated with city staff, public officials, stakeholders and citizens in crafting ambitious form-based design standards for the City of Boise. The project includes two documents: Downtown Design Standards and Citywide Design Standards, both adopted in 2013. Key features of the project:

  • Integration of form-based code elements, including block frontage standards and maps covering downtown and the entire city. The provision includes four different block frontage designations that will help shape the form of the City and provide greater predictability for all participants.
  • Downtown provisions include distinct building character, materials, details, and massing standards and guidelines to enhance the skyline, identity, and downtown livability.
  • Provisions addressing plaza design, internal open space standards, and the design approach for infill in historic areas.

Since adoption, the guidelines have proven to be a great tool in improving the quality and character of development in Boise.


City of Boise, Idaho

MAKERS Services

Urban Design, Design Standard Development, Form-Based Code, Design


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