MAKERS worked with Belltown Housing and Land Use Subcommittee to come up with street designs and an implementation strategy for Third and Fourth Avenues and their side streets. Recommendations specially focused on the North Gateway, where traffic safety concerns exist and also the South Gateway transition to Downtown.

While this project was fundamentally a streetscape study focusing on public improvements within the street right-of-way, it was necessary to address issues related to traffic safety, security, and redevelopment to establish a more livable, pedestrian-oriented, and active mixed-use neighborhood.

The design emphasized a system of improvements that could be implemented over time. The implementation strategy called for leveraging private investment and improved coordination between the City and the Community regarding issues such as tree pruning and maintenance, trash removal, and news rack consolidation.


City of Seattle, WA

MAKERS Services

Street Design Standards, Implementation Strategy, Pedestrian-Oriented Design

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