The Anacortes Depot site is a tremendously valuable community asset offering educational, enjoyment, relaxation, and gathering opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The Master Plan explored opportunities to guide the site’s development to enhance these multiple functions and best support its community. Specific goals included:

  • Build the plan around input from the onsite users and the community.
  • Balance stakeholder and community interests and explore ways to promote efficient use of the site.
  • Build on the site’s natural features.
  • Improve connections within the site as well as to downtown and the waterfront.

The Master Plan is based on the guiding principles set by the Depot Master Plan Committee and Anacortes community. Recommendations create a flexible event space to support multiple functions and tie disparate areas of the site together, enhance the site’s natural features including a wetland and madrona grove and improve connections within the site as well as to the waterfront, downtown Anacortes and a community trail system. MAKERS also developed a phased action timeline and identified funding strategies for implementation.


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