MAKERS led a team of consultants in an ambitious effort to update the Anacortes Comprehensive Plan. Adopted in 2016, the project included five well-attended public workshops and more than 20 committee, City Council, and Planning Commission meetings to craft a new vision statement, develop a preferred land use concept, and create goals and policies covering the plan’s eight elements. This effort was unique in the extensive involvement of community members seeking to volunteer their time in helping to update the plan. The City amended and extended the process early on to form a special committee to meet twice a month for a six-month period to further discuss key issues, research special topics and strategies, and ultimately craft a preferred plan concept. MAKERS helped staff facilitate this process to sustain momentum and parlay the committee’s efforts into a cohesive plan.

MAKERS efforts focused on the land use element and coordinating the efforts and strategies involving the remaining seven elements. The plan emphasizes clear policy guidance for future zoning and development regulation updates, housing diversity strategies, transportation improvements, environmental sustainability actions, economic development strategies, and much more. MAKERS is now leading the process to update Anacortes’ zoning code and develop new design standards for commercial, multi-family and small-lot single family development.


City of Anacortes, WA

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Community planning, Comprehensive Planning, Community Outreach, Visioning, Zoning Code Updates, Design Standards, Land Use Analysis