Strategic Facilities Plans

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Strategic facilities planning helps our clients focus resources and avoid reactionary, temporary solutions that cost more over time. MAKERS’ strategic facilities plans establish a long-term investment strategy and identify short-term actions to meet service needs, address critical vulnerabilities, and increase operational efficiency.

We know the ability of public agencies to keep pace with their changing communities and deliver services equitably requires appropriately located, maintained, and right-sized facilities. Our goal is for our plans to successfully communicate client goals, support funding their highest priorities, and outline a clear forward-thinking path to meet future needs. Our approach to facilities planning emphasizes:

  • Incorporating best practices and emerging technologies,
  • Maintaining a strategic focus on information needed for decision-making,
  • Building support for outcomes through robust, creative engagement,
  • Leading a transparent process that relies on objective, un-biased analysis, and
  • Producing actionable recommendations driven by accurate cost estimates, innovative financing, phased implementation, and scalable solutions.


Tempe Facilities Master Plan (Tempe, AZ)

Seattle Public Utilities In-City Facilities Plan (Seattle, WA)

San Juan County Operations Facilities Master Plan (San Juan, WA)

Bellevue Utilities Facilities Plan (Bellevue, WA)

NOAA Northeast Fisheries Facilities Strategic Plan (CT, ME, MA, NJ, RI)

Seattle Electric Vehicle Support Equipment Master Plan (Seattle, WA)