What We Do

MAKERS has a reputation for creative and practical planning and design solutions, great customer service, and happy clients.

MAKERS Architecture and Urban Design LLP is a multi-disciplinary firm practicing planning, urban design, and architecture at the highest quality. With a staff of 14 professional architects, planners, designers, and support personnel, MAKERS offers a full range of planning and urban design services.

MAKERS is known for our innovative outreach practices, and we constantly adapt creative techniques to engage citizens.

  • Public Spaces

    MAKERS is passionate about our role in creating public spaces that become part of the community.

    Public Spaces
  • Downtowns & Subareas

    MAKERS helps to strengthen communities through its downtowns and subarea plans.

    Downtowns & Subareas
  • Guidelines & Regulations

    MAKERS has built a reputation for clear, implementable community plans and regulatory documents.

    Guidelines & Regulations
  • Military

    MAKERS has been providing planning services to military clients for over 30 years.

  • Ports

    Master planning helps our clients anticipate and accommodate growth and change.

  • Urban Corridors

    MAKERS turns heavy-traffic corridors into areas more efficient, safe, and attractive to development.

    Urban Corridors
  • Regional Planning

    MAKERS has been a leader in promoting regional solutions to community planning challenges.

    Regional Planning
  • Institutional

    Our expertise integrates site planning, conceptual design, and economic analysis.

  • Waterfront & Shoreline Mgt

    MAKERS balances client needs while satisfying shoreline and growth management regulations.

    Waterfront & Shoreline Mgt
  • Architecture

    MAKERS has designed a number of service buildings, community centers, and other public structures.